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Smart Industry Solutions


Sustainability was a priority when we were founded and is now part of our corporate philosophy and values.

Sustainability is not only part of our company's strategy, but extends through all projects and planning in our business. Every concrete innovation and process optimization thus receives an additional dimension.


Concrete Examples

Digital processes:

Over 90% of our processes are digitally mapped and handled paperless.  

Regional suppliers:

The regionality of our suppliers is an important decision criterion. This reduces CO² emissions by avoiding long delivery routes.


Whenever possible, our office and business equipment is not simply bought new, but rather recycled. This not only saves costs, but also protects the environment. 


Sustainability must not just be a word in a marketing text. It must be lived consistently throughout by all those involved.

We are part of the whole and everyone can make their contribution by making their actions and decisions sustainable.  

We not only want to participate, but also be a role model and reference for others in order to positively change the future of our planet together and to preserve it for future generations.

Glaskugel Erding See
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