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Hochvoltkabel Kabelkonfektion

Cable Assembly

Our manufactory is designed for maximum flexibility, so that production can be carried out quickly and with the highest quality, even from a small number of items. In doing so, we produce as needed and deliver to the point, even in tight development phases. After consultation, we can react flexibly and promptly to changes in design or technology during ongoing production.

At our company location in Erding, we manufacture semi-automated and tailor-made individual cable sets from the simple adapter cable to the complex cable harness.

Using additive manufacturing processes, among other things, support components, cable ducts and guides be produced quickly and efficiently as a functional prototype.

Our products are tested according to applicable guidelines and standards.

Random tests are already carried out during production, as well as an initial acceptance using an initial sample test report.

After production, a 100% inspection of the wiring harnesses can be carried out if required.

Our exams focus on the following:

Optical Test

- Processing

- Dimensional Accuracy


- Crimp dimensions

- Soldered and welded joints

- Extraction force

Electrical Testing

- Continuity test

- Short circuit test

- Dielectric strength (up to 1500 V / DC and 1000 V / AC)

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