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Development and Consulting


Important aspects such as sustainability and cost-effectiveness will influence the wiring system of the future. In order to deliver the best possible result according to the requirements, we advise our customers in advance and determine the priorities. From this we create an individual concept together that we can adapt as required and at any time. 


The number of control units, actuators and sensors in modern systems is constantly increasing. A sophisticated and modular vehicle electrical system as a link between the individual components plays an important role here. We take over the 2D circuit diagram creation for our customers, as well as the further development of an already existing logic to derivative-specific module variants.​


Downsizing, EMC and manufacturing processes are just a few of the requirements for the geometric integration of the defined vehicle electrical system architecture. Thanks to our experience and our network, we are already familiar with many of the resulting problems and can counteract them in a solution-oriented manner during 3D routing. When creating the formboard drawings, we draw on our extensive know-how from our own wiring harness production in Erding and can therefore offer practice-oriented solutions.

Component Development

​In addition to development, we can also construct components for laying, fastening and protecting the cable harness, as well as for connected peripherals (e.g. control units, sensors, etc.) and can already produce the first samples using the 3D printing process in order to test them promptly/at short notice be able.

Project Management

We are also happy to take over the control of the development process and act as an intermediary between the individual interfaces involved in the processing. Our experienced employees bring both technical knowledge and coordination skills to the table thanks to many years of experience in project management.

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