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Test Automation


Versatile requirements require different hardware solutions for every application. In doing so, we orientate ourselves with the greatest flexibility to current customer requirements and only supply what is really needed. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions from the breakdown-resistant plastic housing to modular control cabinet concepts with individual breakout panels to the dynamic linear system under thermal influence. For optimal implementation, we supply design data (2D/3D) in advance, which can be expanded, adjusted and changed as desired. This enables us to implement our systems in a user-friendly and space-saving manner.


The future is electric, which is why we have a special focus on the topic. Based on the functional requirement, we create an electrical concept in close cooperation with our customers. With our well-known electrical CAD tools, we design an individual circuit diagram and PCB layouts as required and, together with our mechanical design department, generate production documents and parts lists, whereby we use proven industrial electronics and measurement technology components when selecting components. Thanks to our many years of experience in the automotive E/E sector, we know bus systems such as CAN, LIN, Flexray, automotive Ethernet, MOST and can draw on knowledge in the low and high voltage range. We are happy to use evaluated basic concepts during implementation and adapt them to individual customer requirements. Whether digital or analog technology, physical load, failure injection or high-voltage tests, we implement your system in accordance with the relevant standards.


What do you expect from a software solution, apart from the pure function?

  • Appealing interface, as well as easy and intuitive usability

  • Connection to my existing tool chain

  • Can be changed and expanded depending on the application

We address these issues as early as the creation of an individual software concept by recording the exact requirements, environmental conditions and planned extensions together with our customers. We pay attention to high modularity and flexibility in our tool chain, so that customer-specific applications for control and automation can be easily connected through open interfaces. By using a real-time capable operating system, residual bus, analog, digital and PWM signals can be easily simulated in the defined time frame. Various signals such as temperature, pressure, distance, strain, voltage/current and multimedia can also be measured and processed. By connecting well-known test automation tools, fully automatic tests can also be carried out. The whole thing is packaged in a user-friendly interface to enable our customers to use it optimally.

Quality and Product Safety

We have developed something and now? Product developers face this question every day. Many factors play a role in answering this question, who is the end user, where and in which area is the product used, have I installed low voltage/high voltage or even moving parts. In order to avoid high costs due to subsequent adjustments or multiple tests, we think about our systems as well as those of our customers as early as the concept phase and work in parallel on the issues of quality, safety and material optimization in order to make new products economical and sustainable.​

Application Examples

Test systems for control unit and network validation
(HiL, TSP, laboratory vehicle ...)

Test systems for high-voltage components according to LV123

Measurement technology for vehicle tests (breakout box, supply module, logger ...)

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