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Breakoutbox (BOB)

Welcome to the world of state-of-the-art breakout boxes - your indispensable companion for precise automotive testing and efficient automation solutions.

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Our breakout boxes are specially developed interfaces that make it possible to thoroughly test and analyze electronic systems in the automotive industry.


Possible applications:

Our breakout boxes are versatile and serve as an indispensable tool for developers, engineers and technicians in the automotive industry. They allow easy access to signal interfaces of control units and thus support precise testing of electronic components. From the diagnosis of engine management systems to the testing of sensors and actuators - our breakout boxes are the key component for comprehensive testing in automotive development.

Testing at the highest level:

Our breakout box technology not only gives you access to all relevant signals, but also to precise measurements and data analysis. The precise signal transmission ensures accurate test results, while the user-friendly handling enables easy integration into existing test environments. Our breakout boxes are designed to optimize the testing process and increase troubleshooting efficiency.

Automation made easy:

Our breakout boxes can be seamlessly integrated into automated test systems. The robust design and reliable connectivity make them reliable partners in highly automated production environments. With the option of connecting several breakout boxes together to cover complex test scenarios, we offer solutions for demanding requirements in automation technology.

Differences that count:

Our breakout boxes are characterized by outstanding quality, precision and reliability. Each box is tailor-made for specific requirements and supports a wide range of automotive tests. Whether for diagnostic purposes, software development or production tests - we offer the right breakout box for your requirements.

All in all, our breakout boxes are not just a tool, but an investment in the future of automotive testing and automation. Rely on innovative technology to optimize your development and testing processes - discover the world of breakout boxes for precise, efficient and automated testing in the automotive industry!

Contact us for your individual solution:

If you need a customized breakout box for your specific requirements, we are happy to help. Contact our team of experts to discuss your requirements and develop the optimal solution together. Rely on our experience and expertise to create the perfect customized breakout box for your project.

Our customized solutions:

Our experienced team of engineers and technicians are on hand to understand your individual requirements and develop customized breakout boxes. Whether you need specific signal interfaces, special connections or a unique configuration, we can turn your vision into reality. With state-of-the-art technology and extensive know-how, we are able to deliver customized solutions that meet the highest standards.

Development according to your specifications:

We go beyond standards and customize our breakout boxes exactly to your specifications. By working closely together during the development process, we ensure that every single function and feature meets your expectations. Whether you have a specific application in vehicle diagnostics, electronics development or production testing, we will develop a breakout box that perfectly matches your field of application.

Breakoutbox Automotive
Breakoutbox Automotive
Breakoutbox Automotive
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